Who We Are

Keepers of the Flame

Is a culture without art a culture at all?  Art encourages diverse expressions, tells stories that would otherwise remain untold, and brings color to a world that’s too often black and white.

Beacon knows the threats to the artistic cultural traditions of the world, and is committed to providing training and educational programs in music, poetry, language, science, culture and media.

Our goal is to speak to the souls of children, encourage confidence, and make a significant investment in their future.  In our art and media centers, they can hone their talents and unleash their creativity.  Working together, we will help mold a more open-minded and peaceful culture with deep roots in its honored past and optimism for an ever greater future.

A Grand Vision

Beacon’s mission is to promote, advance, and cultivate the media arts through strategic growth, innovation, and collaboration.   Our vision is the universal recognition of culture and the arts as indispensable to the health and well-being of people, communities, and nations.

Strategic Approach

To achieve our vision, we actively, creatively, and consistently employ these values:

icon creativity and innovation

Creativity and Innovation

icon diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

icon collaboration and community

Collaboration and Community Building

integrity and openness icon

Integrity and Openness

access to arts and media icon

Universal Access to the Arts and Media


Beacon was founded in 2012 by a diverse group of cultural and media arts leaders committed to the creation of a happier, healthier, and more prosperous world through universal access to the arts, media, and culture.  Their idea was both bold and simple:  create an international organization that would support its institutional members in their world-building efforts, and advocate for the field as a whole.

Today, Beacon welcomes individuals from all disciplines — including media nonprofits, international NGOs, and strategic partners from all sectors —  as we mature our vision and move toward an ever more creative and collaborative future.

Beacon recognizes and promotes the vital role that the arts, media, and culture play in the creation of a healthier, happier, and more prosperous world.

Our Beliefs


Celebrating imagination and beauty through artistry and positive civic action

society icon

Nurturing deep connections and transformational collaboration


Enshrining parity, human rights, and social justice

integrity icon

Unwavering commitment to principled engagement and rigorous, objective analysis

presence icon

Vigorously promoting democratic ideals and the open access they require to flourish

sincerity icon

Steadfastly encouraging openness, free expression, and fearless innovation

narrative icon

Actively cultivating understanding, dialogue, and the free exchange of knowledge

What We Do


We create new, global value propositions for the arts.


We promote the cultural diversity that is essential for strengthening democratic values, building strong economies, and promoting social cohesion.


We partner with other national advocacy groups to support our affiliates and independent media producers.

Our Advisors

Shamim Jawad
Deborah Ziska
Tabasum Lutfi
Louise Pascale
Nilofar Sakhi
Arsalan Lutfi

Our Partner Organizations