What We Do


Beacon’s top priorities are promoting art, preserving culture, and providing media skill training to Afghan youth.  In our Center for Arts and Media, we plan to showcase the work of aspiring artists, inspiring them to hone their creative skills to build a better future and enrich their culture.

We will teach them new skills in social media and production, organize art contests, and remind them of Afghanistan’s rich cultural and artistic history. Most important, we will emphasize how a single artist could change the world for the better.

Promoting cultural diversity is essential for strengthening democratic values in the world and to contribute to economic and social cohesion.


We create new value propositions for the arts. Join us as we explore ways to apply art-based solutions to the challenges associated with globalization, gainful employment, education, healthcare, and…


Our world is rich with both diverse and shared cultural heritages. A true appreciation for these similarities and differences strengthens bonds between peoples and can contribute…


Beacon supports its affiliates and the independent media field by partnering with other national advocacy groups to work  on cultural, intellectual property, and telecommunications policy issues.

Our Partner Organizations